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R&J Farm Market uses NON GMO SEED ONLY!

R&J Farm Market is  OPEN ALL YEAR  for your shopping convenience! 

Contact us: Phone (267) 203-8094

Payment Terms: Cash, Personal Checks, or Credit / Debit Cards! 

R&J Farm Market has TWO locations for your shopping convenience! R&J Farm Market Store at 325 Allentown Road (OPEN ALL YEAR) and R&J Farm Market Roadside Wagon at Route 113 (OPEN SEASONALLY)! 

R&J Farm Market uses NON GMO SEED ONLY!

*** R&J Farm Market News *** R&J Farm Market News ***

1.) We are continuing to pick a wide variety of our in-season Home Grown Produce items! Stop by the Farm Market to see what is currently available!

2.) Home Grown Sweet Corn is available on a daily basis and will continue throughout the remainder of the season! Stop in and try the superb taste today! 

Corn Freezer Orders Information:

We are accepting Corn Freezer Orders, as long as the corn crop
remains plentiful! The cost is $25.00 per hundred. Call the Farm Market
phone number(267) 203-8094 to place your order. Please provide your
name, your phone number, the quantity you are ordering, and the date &
time you will be picking up your order.

We have two Corn Silk Removers available to rent, at a cost of
$15.00 / day, when you pick up your Corn Freezer Order.

Note:*** Please indicate if you want to rent a Corn Silk Remover at the
time you place your order. They will be available for One Day Duration
on a first come, first served basis. ***

For the most up to date R&J Farm Market news and information please view us on Facebook at Facebook.com/randjmarket

*** R&J Farm Market *** R&J Farm Market *** R&J Farm Market ***

R&J Farm Market, 325 Allentown Road, Souderton, Pa.  18964R&J Farm Market is a family run Farm Market specializing in our home grown produce in-season and our farm raised free range all natural chicken. We also carry locally raised hormone and antibiotic free all natural beef, local hormone and antibiotic free glass bottled milk, and much much more!

1999 roadside wagon from which R&J started selling home grown produce in-season.We started part-time in 1999 with a roadside wagon where  we sold our home grown produce in-season. During a typical summer growing season, any excess home grown produce is still sold from a roadside wagon. Our part-time passion has turned into a full-time mission to bring all natural freshness and wholesome goodness back into your shopping experience. All of our produce is grown with pride and picked with perfection in mind.  In order to help accomplish our mission, the Farm Market was built and opened in 2007 on a year round basis. We are constantly striving to add additional quality product for your enjoyment.

We have a highly experienced staff to service your every need. If your questions or concerns cannot be handled by the staff, you will be directed to the Farm Market owners, Rich and Jill Halteman. See the top line above for the Farm Market address, phone number, and hours.

Check the R&J Farm Market sign for the latest news and information!Thank you for visiting the R&J Farm Market Internet site. Check back often to see what  additional products are arriving at the Farm Market, what produce is in- season, and what special events may be taking place!

     Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

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